Is Your Mudder Husband A Kid At Heart?

When you talk to your mother-in-law about your husband when he was a kid, do you feel like things haven't changed that much? Your husband might have a responsible side to his personality that means he takes good care of you and the kids. However, he also might be happiest when he's playing outdoor with your kids, or even when he goes mudding with his buddies. Maybe you have often asked yourself questions like, ​Why in the world would a person get muddy on purpose? 

Maybe you've made rules that, when your husband does go mudding, he has to hose himself and his clothes off before he even enters your house. Because you love the guy with all your heart, maybe you are planning to focus on your husband's love of mudding as you plan for Father's Day. If that's the case, from purchasing mudder apparel online to arranging a special mudder event, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a fun and memorable day:

Mudder Apparel

If your husband is going to be a mudder, he might as well have the best clothes for the sport, right? Consider buying mudder apparel online. After all, what are you going to ask for if you enter a store? Will you ask the clerk to show you clothes your husband can get muddy? The clerk might just look at you funny and show you the sports clothes section of the store, right? Instead, buy actual mudder apparel. 

As you shop for mudder clothes, focus on selecting fabric that is breathable and lightweight. One idea is to buy T-shirts made from fabric that will keep your husband cool and dry. Choose shorts that drain well. Read the description of the apparel and look for words like drain well and won't cause chaffing on the body. Lightweight athletic shoes that drain well are another good idea for you to add to your shopping list. Mudder apparel comes in many price ranges, so you'll probably find just what you want in prices that will match your bank account.

Mudder Event

Participating in mudder marathons can be a bit costly. Consider finding out when the next one will be in your area and give that to your husband as part of his Father's Day gift. His mudding buddies will more than likely be able to give you information about the date of the event. Sweeten the gift by telling your husband that you'll be in attendance to cheer him on as he competes.