A Guide To Using Your Body Type To Choose The Perfect Club Dress As A Plus-Sized Woman

If it seems as if every club dress is made for someone who is a size two on a bad day, it's important to be aware that there are numerous options for that type of dress as a plus-sized woman. However, in order to find the most flattering club dress for your plus-sized curves, you will need to determine what your body type is and how you can emphasize your best physical features and disguise the ones you're not too fond of. Therefore, you're likely to find the following information to be quite useful when you are choosing your new dress to wear to the clubs.

Determine Your Body Type

One of the most important things you can do before any major shopping trip is to determine what you are looking for. By extension, that means you should know what you want the outfit, or in this instance, the club dress, to do for you. In order for that to be possible, you need to know your body type.   

For instance, many plus-sized women have an hourglass figure, which presents with a waist that is at least 25% smaller than the bust and hips. A pear-shaped woman is easy to spot because her bust is smaller and the body rounds out from the bustline down, resulting in a big rear and hips. The apple body shape is similar to the pear shape, but also has a rounded abdominal area. 

A woman with a rectangle body shape has no obvious curves and her dimensions are about the same for her bust, hips, and waist. A lesser-known body type is the carrot, which boasts thinner legs, a bust size that many women might envy and wider shoulders. Although there are many other body types and there are also different versions of the classifications discussed above, the aforementioned body types are some of the more common varieties. 

Dress For Your Body Type

Once you know your body type, it is often easier to identify both your best features and the ones you dislike. For instance, if you have an hourglass body type, your perfect club dress might minimize your waist and make your bust and hips look bigger. A skirt or dress with ruching is a good choice, as is anything that is fitted to or follows your curves without creating unnecessary bulk. A pear-shaped woman will often be pleased with a club dress in a dark color without any detailing, as long as that dress is fitted well enough that it does not billow around her. A club dress that features an a-line skirt is often a popular choice for a pear-shaped body type. 

If you have an apple body shape, the advice about dressing a pear shape frequently applies, but your impressive bust line tends to be flattered by a v-necked top. By emphasizing your bust, you can hide the extra curves of your waist, hips, and buttocks. If you have a rectangle body type, the right dress for you will frequently create the illusion of curves, often including appropriate supportive or push-up undergarments. Otherwise, chunky belts are a good choice, as is using a flared hem, bright colors, or hi-low skirt. 

If you can be categorized as a carrot body type, full skirts are useful. In addition, you can divert the eyes of those around you away from your broad shoulders by emphasizing your bust with detail, bright colors, etc.

In conclusion, women's clothing is rarely available in a one-size-fits-all option and when it is, the effect is often not very flattering to many body types. As a result, when you are a plus-sized woman who wants to buy club dresses and has been frustrated thus far by the choices, the facts shared above will be quite useful.