Three Footwear Mistakes That Could Cause You Trouble Down The Road

If your feet are sore or injured, you'll have trouble engaging in the most basic activities -- like walking. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't think of the health of their feet until they're already suffering from problems like bunions, hammertoe, or heel spurs. It's better to take a preventative approach and protect your feet from developing these ailments in the first place. One way to accomplish that is to avoid these common footwear mistakes. [Read More]

Keeping Your Valuable Clothing Protected With Dry Cleaning

Certain materials like wool and silk cannot undergo the typical washing cycle like cotton or polyester can. Dry cleaning is necessary to preserve the integrity of the material and keep it clean without using water. If you have a valuable piece of clothing such as a wedding dress or expensive wool jacket that needs to be cleaned, look for dry cleaners who specialize in caring for these types of materials. There are also some important things you need to know about how to take care of your valuable clothing so it can last for many years to come. [Read More]

Picking The Right Eyeglasses Lens Material

Of the many decisions that you make when choosing the perfect prescription glasses, choosing the right lens material is one of the most important. Your glass lenses can certainly affect your appearance; the amount of reflection off the lenses and the thickness of the material can change the look of your eyes. The lenses can also affect your comfort if you choose a material that cannot accommodate all of the activities you do. [Read More]

5 Types Of Boot Toes And What They Say About You

Picking out a style for your next pair of boots involves a serious stylistic choice that can change how people perceive you, sometimes dramatically. With the huge number of options available to the discerning gentleman these days, making this choice can be daunting. To help you out with this choice and to make sure you're giving off the right impression with your footwear, here are five styles of boot toes and the image they portray for their wearer. [Read More]