4 Ideas For Ex-Mormon T-Shirts

Leaving the Mormon faith can be incredibly difficult. Many who leave say it is one of the hardest things they ever do in their lives. So, ex-Mormons are often looking for ways to reassure and empower themselves. One way they can do this is by wearing shirts that tell others they are ex-Mormon, often in a lighthearted or sarcastic way. If you're thinking of making some of these ex-Mormon t-shirts, here are some ideas for sayings and images to print on them.

"Temple Ceremony, Free Masonry... It's All the Same."

One of the biggest critiques of Mormonism, from those who have left, is the fact that the temple ceremony is so similar to the rituals practiced in Free Masonry. Joseph Smith spent a lot of time with the Free Masons just before he founded the church. These similarities suggest to some that the temple ceremony is not ordained by God, but concocted in Joseph's mind and heavily influenced by his time with the Masons. A shirt that says "Temple Ceremony, Free Masonry... It's All the Same" calls attention to this.

"They May Not Have Multiple Wives on Earth, But It's What They're Hoping for In Heaven!"

The Mormon church is well known for its history of polygamy. The LDS church does not practice polygamy anymore, but they do believe it will be practiced in heaven. This is a big problem for many who leave the church, and a shirt with the above statement makes it clear that you find issue with it.

Book of Mormon With a Red X Through It

Here's a really simple one that will appeal to those who don't love textual shirts. Have an image of a Book of Mormon printed on the shirt, and on top of the Book of Mormon, have a big, red "X" printed. If you wish, you can have the word "ex-Mormon" printed underneath the image in a small font.

"Coffee Isn't Evil"

It's well known that Mormons do not believe in drinking coffee. So, a shirt that says "Coffee Isn't Evil" provides a really subtle way for ex-Mormons to signal that they no longer follow the church. You may also want to make a few shirts that say "Tea Isn't Evil" for the tea drinkers.

Ex-Mormons often find t-shirts like these empowering. Consider having a few of them printed, and see how they sell. Each idea above has a different personality and will appeal to a different subset of the ex-Mormon crowd. Or you can look for companies like X-Mormon Drinking Team that currently offer ex-Mormon shirts.