Features To Look For In Everyday Men's Flip Flops

If you're going to wear your flip flops day after day, you probably don't want the inexpensive, plastic ones people wear on their beach vacations. You want flip flops that are going to be comfortable and that are going to give you some support as you walk around. So, how can you identify flip flops that fit the bill? Here are some features to look for.

Adjustable Straps

A common problem with flip flops is that everyone's feet are a slightly different size. So, the standard flip flop straps might be too loose on some people and too tight on others. Adjustable straps eliminate this problem. You can tighten them up just enough that they support your foot and keep the sandal on without digging into your foot.

Cushioned Sole

Flip flops with really hard or thin soles will make it feel like you're just walking on bare ground. This will get uncomfortable after an hour or two. As such, flip flops with some cushioning in the sole tend to be a better choice for daily wear. There are some pairs that have an actual midsole — a piece of softer, cushioned foam between the two layers that form the top and bottom of the shoe's sole. This setup allows the flip flop to cushion your foot without that softer cushioning wearing away.

Extra Material in Front of the Toes 

While you don't want inches of material in front of your toes, you do want the flip flop to extend out a little further than your toes. This way, you don't have to worry about bumping your toes on so many things as you walk. The flip flip will bump into the item instead. You also want just a little bit of an overhang in the back for the same reason.

Soft Straps

Since the straps will be against your feet for hours at a time, you want them to be made from a soft material so they do not rub and cause blisters. Suede and felt-covered vinyl are common choices. You may even find some higher-end flip flops with soft leather straps.

Take your time when comparing flip flops and noting the features that each one has to offer. If these are shoes you plan on wearing again and again, then you deserve to have ones that not only look nice, but feel comfortable. Your feet will thank you for your time.

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