Fur Couture: Purchasing The Ethical Way

Fur has been worn by people for thousands of years to keep them warm, but it's also become a true fashion statement and a status symbol of the wealthy. Animal rights activists and anti-fur organizations often demonize the use of fur as haute couture. Since many fur coats are obtained by killing endangered animals or the fur is harvested in a cruel fashion, it's no wonder so many people have opted out of wearing it. But fur is making a comeback in the world of fashion, and if you're interested in owning a piece of your own, here are some things to consider so you purchase your next fur coat ethically.

Consider Consignment

Not only is buying a fur coat from a local consignment store much less expensive, it's also not contributing to the current fur industry. Since the coat has already been produced, you are not helping to pay for the current fur manufacturing business. Instead, you can re-use a once loved fur coat that has already been made and you'll also get a better deal on the price. Look for stores that specialize in fur so you can be sure you're getting the real deal.

Purchase Ethically

If you're concerned about how fur is harvested to make coats, do some research about the source of the fur you're interested in. In some areas of the United States, hunters are encouraged to trap small animals in order to keep populations down. This is actually good for the environment since it prevents the spread of disease and keeps the food chain at a healthy level. Find fur makers who only purchase their materials from sanctioned hunters who are legal and who gather animals in a way that is cruelty-free. Stay away from buying furs made from endangered species or from fur farms where animals are killed in a less humane way.

Roadkill Coats

While the term roadkill definitely doesn't sound glamorous, many companies are making coats from pelts of animals who have been hit by a car. Rather than leave the animal on the side of the road to decompose, these companies seek out and harvest the animals to make coats. The process to make these coats is the same as other manufacturers, but the source is slightly different. Harvesting roadkill is a good way to preserve these animals and give them a new purpose.

Fur is still a hot fashion item, and there are ways you can buy it that does not contribute to the darker side of the industry. Visit a company like A Furrier - David Appel Furs for more information.