5 Types Of Boot Toes And What They Say About You

Picking out a style for your next pair of boots involves a serious stylistic choice that can change how people perceive you, sometimes dramatically. With the huge number of options available to the discerning gentleman these days, making this choice can be daunting. To help you out with this choice and to make sure you're giving off the right impression with your footwear, here are five styles of boot toes and the image they portray for their wearer. 

Plain Toe

The plain toe is the everyman's boot, since there's nothing to detract from the natural beauty and simplicity of the boot itself. Men who prefer this style are often perceived as going with the flow, and if your boot is particularly well made, the plain toe will let your boot's materials speak for themselves, showing you off as a man who considers all the details. 

Moc Toe

The moc (as in moccasin) toe is often found on vintage and reproduction work boots and is the most rough-and-tumble style on this list. Guys sporting a moc toe boot aren't too concerned with looking super polished or sleek, but rather just want something comfortable (read: lots of toe space) and durable to get the job done reliably in comfort. 

Cap Toe

The cap toe is one of the oldest and most classic styles of men's shoes, so wearing this style on your boots exudes a classic attitude. While you can customize your cap toe boots further with some perforations or a double line of stitching, the cap toe style is for guys who are fans of the philosophy that says, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Apron Toe

The apron toe is the sleeker, more refined cousin of the moc toe, since the leather on this style doesn't rise above the plane of the vamp. This style combined the classic look of the moc toe with the more refined plain toe, creating a do-it-all hybrid that looks just as good on Indiana Jones as it does at the bar during happy hour. 


The wingtip style was originally developed in Scotland for men to slog through the wetlands of the countryside, since the perforations would allow for water to drain through the boots rather than allowing them to fill with water. In more recent years, the wingtip has become a favorite casual shoe to wear with anything from jeans to a wool suit. A wingtip boot, then, represents a traditionalist view, and a sense of style that is fashion forward while paying homage to the past. 

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