Picking The Right Eyeglasses Lens Material

Of the many decisions that you make when choosing the perfect prescription glasses, choosing the right lens material is one of the most important. Your glass lenses can certainly affect your appearance; the amount of reflection off the lenses and the thickness of the material can change the look of your eyes. The lenses can also affect your comfort if you choose a material that cannot accommodate all of the activities you do. Lenses also can affect your visibility and create safety issues if you pick a material that's not very conducive to your environment. Here are some tips on choosing materials that complement your lifestyle and interests. 

Thin Lens Materials

If appearance is your primary factor, then one of your biggest concerns may be to reduce the amount that the glasses distort your appearance. For instance, choosing thinner glasses lens material can prevent your eyes from being magnified by the lens. High index plastics are a great option for a thin lens that is still durable. The lightweight lens material is also easier to carry on your facial frame. 

UV Protection

If you are a person who likes to get out into the sun a lot, then consider looking for a lens material that has UV protection. Many types of lenses are beginning to have UV protective coatings, and some even adjust to tint the lenses when you enter sunlight. 


There are many high tech plastics and composite materials that are designed to have great optics under varying conditions. If visibility and safety are critical to you, then speak with your eyeglasses provider about CR-39 plastic or crown glass lenses. While these options may be a bit more expensive, they are also quite durable and can be a good investment. 


A durable set of lenses is important if you're the type of person who's often on the move. Polycarbonate lenses are popular with active people, since they are durable and versatile in different lighting conditions.  

As you can probably tell, there are many different factors that go into picking the right lenses for you. If you are new to prescription glasses, then you may want to talk with your optometrist to pick a material that fits within your budget and works well with your lifestyle. Although it's possible to change the lens material in the future, you'll hopefully be able to pick a material that treats you well until your next prescription update. Check out a company like Sol Optix for more information.