Are You Freshening Up Your Wardrobe?

Do you look in your closet and see that you have lots of clothes? Then maybe you say to yourself something like I have nothing to wear! if that's the case, you might be wanting to freshen up your wardrobe. From making a thorough assessment of what you want to keep to making of list of clothes like Colombian jeans, such as from IVIDO JEANS, that you want to buy, here are some ideas that might help you to bring new life to your wardrobe.

Be Thorough - As you go through your wardrobe, consider putting emotions aside. For example, you may still have the dress you wore to your rehearsal dinner because it reminds you of a very happy occasion. However, does that dress still fit you well? Is it way out of style? If the dress is no longer useful to you, consider giving it to charity where it can be used by somebody else. Same goes for things that just don't flatter you. Perhaps you bought a broomstick skirt because you loved the design of the fabric. However, if the style doesn't flatter your figure, you are probably never going to wear it. Is it brand new? If so, consider buying a cute top to go with it and give it as a gift to one of your friends. Think of accessories you no longer wear, too. For example, maybe you still have a macrame belt that you made ages ago. It might be gorgeous, but it might also not fit you anymore. Think of displaying that belt in a shadow box where others can see your handiwork.

Be Bold - As you freshen up your wardrobe, think of ways that you can add interest to it. For example, have you ever tried on Colombian jeans? Do it! Whether you are skinny as a rail or whether you have a curvy shape to your body, those jeans will probably look fabulous on you. The fun thing about Colombian jeans is that they seem to just be part of your body, accentuating the parts that make you womanly. Think about buying dark blue Colombian jeans that you can wear with casual tops for daytime wear. Consider wearing those dark blue jeans with things like printed T-shirts and peasant blouses. And, think about buying a black pair of Colombian jeans that you can wear when you want a more dressed-up look. Wear them with stiletto heels and silky tops for a sophisticated, sexy look.