Tips For Distressing A New Pair Of Jeans

If you've just bought a pair of boot-cut jeans at a cowboy-inspired retailer but want to alter this garment so that it looks like you just left your job at the ranch, there are plenty of things that you can do. Distressing a new pair of jeans requires a little skill so that the distress marks look natural rather than created by the manufacturer. You may also want to get in the habit of wearing the jeans when you're working outdoors. Over time, they'll develop creases, faded spots, and even stains that can give you more of the ranch-style look that you desire. Here are some tips for distressing your new pair of jeans.

Poke Some Holes In Them

One thing that betrays the legitimacy of the holes in manufacturer-distressed jeans is that they're too large. Think about the jeans that you've worn for a long time. They've likely suffered holes at some point, but perhaps they are not as large as the holes in distressed jeans available at designer clothing stores. If you want your new jeans to appear as though they're work jeans from your job at a ranch, take a nail and poke a couple of holes in them. These holes can mimic the holes that someone's jeans may suffer while working alongside barbed wire.

Fray The Cuffs

Another effective way to distress your new pair of jeans is to fray the cuffs — especially the rear of each cuff. This type of wear is indicative of someone who has worn the jeans a lot and stepped on the cuffs with countless steps, especially with boots on. You can fray the cuffs easily. With a sharp knife, make a slice through each of the cuffs and then manipulate the denim with your fingers to fray it a little. If you have low-grit sandpaper available to you, you could even buff the area to further add fraying.

Stretch The Back Pockets

People who wear jeans to work at a ranch will often carry items in their back pockets. For example, tools and other small objects can often fit snugly into these pockets. Over time, this behavior can cause the pockets of the jeans to have wear marks and even stretched areas. If you'd like to really add some authentic distressing to your new jeans, grab a tool — a ratchet, for example — and leave it in the pocket of the jeans while they sit in your closet. Over time, the imprint of this tool will alter the look of the denim.

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